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SchoolBridge | Free classroom information management system and school administration software

What is SchoolBridge?
SchoolBridge is a user-friendly, education-based, social networking site which functions jointly as a classroom information management system and a communications tool. SchoolBridge is different from other web-based information management systems because it allows students, teachers, and parents to connect with each other in an environment that enables educational discussions and informed communications to continue outside of the classroom to encourage and promote interaction, learning, progress and, ultimately, the success of the student.

Why is SchoolBridge free?
SchoolBridge is built upon the idea that education is free for everyone, regardless of finances. The program is free for any school to utilize. We do have costs that we look to offset and for this reason you will find advertising on Teachers and Parents pages. Student pages are free from advertising always. The advertising revenues we receive offset the costs of our servers and allow us to continue operating as a free service to all schools nationwide.